Webinar Port Operations Automatization | Video online

On Wednesday 20 May STC International streamed the webinar on the Port Operations Automatization. The video of this webinar is available online now. Interested? Please have a look.

Please note that not all questions could be answered during the webinar due to limited time. Questions that could not be discussed live, will be answered in writing. This will be uploaded in this news item as soon as possible.

About the topic:

The integration of services in a port and the maximalization of the use of expensive resources, forces smart ports to deliver integrated services including tracking and tracing services of containers.

Port operations are nowadays concentrated into specific time windows. Ports should deliver precise services so that vessels are assisted in the agreed window and all services must be rendered to the client in the agreed window(s). This demands integration of operations, logistics and maintenance and results in more and more automated operations on terminals. The smarter the port, the more integrated the services.

About the speaker:

Mr. Chris van Aar has a first degree in teaching in the disciplines of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. He started his career at the nautical secondary school “ Noorderhaaks” in Den Helder in the early 1980s. A few years later Chris was recruited by the SVZ, (Scheepvaartvereniging Zuid), the employers’ organization of the Port of Rotterdam, to join them and assist the organization in building one of the first full mission crane simulators in the world. The training department of the SVZ was one of the entities which later became part of the association of STC Group in 1990. And up to this date Chris is still working for STC. Over the years he has been involved in operational training with a focus on cranes and other heavy equipment. At this moment Chris is working as a senior project manager at STC International specialized in port operations and automatization all over the world. Recently Chris has been involved in a project at the new med II terminal in Morocco for setting up the simulator and designing and developing the training programs for the new remote operated cranes. Furthermore, he has been active in a project in Indonesia for upgrading the operational training.