Webinar “Netherlands-Vietnam Logistics: Identifying Opportunities and Connecting Partners”

On 28 October 2021, STC International provided a webinar organised by the Vietnamese Embassy in the presence of H.E Pham Viet Anh, Ambassador of Vietnam to the Netherlands.

The export-oriented economy of Vietnam has achieved a steady and fast growth over a long period, which lead to an increasing demand for upgrading the national logistics systems and enhancing human resource capacity for the seamless integration into the global supply chain network.

The Netherlands has always been one of the top European trading partners of Vietnam. The Dutch’s deep experiences of logistics thanks to a long tradition of trading in the world in combination with Dutch innovation and high technologies would be a  great complement for Vietnam. With that in mind, the Webinar aimed to create the first platform to connect the participants in terms of needs and potentials, to share best practices and experiences, and to identify opportunities and partnerships.

The speakers and participants of this Webinar were key Dutch partners in logistics and business representatives from VALOMA and VLA Vietnam. Vietnamese officials from 24 provinces who are interested in developing regional logistics attended as participants.

STC International provided a speech concerning ‘Logistics Management Experience and Logistics Human Resource Training’. STC International would like to thank the Vietnamese Embassy for the invitation and opportunity to present at the Webinar and the excellent organisation.