Webinar Introduction to Smart Ports | Video online

On both 6 and 13 May STC International streamed the second webinar on the Introduction to Smart Ports. The video of this webinar is available online now. Interested? Please have a look.

Please find a summary of the Q&A that could not be discussed during the webinar here.

About the topic:

What are Smart Ports? Why are ports going “digital”? What are some of the examples of digitalization that we are seeing in the port environment, and what could be the impact on port labour? This webinar offered by STC International answers the previous questions and expands on the previous webinar of the global trends in maritime, port, transport and logistics. The concept of Smart Ports as a new stage in port development, some of the driving forces behind the digitalization movement, and the important role that human capital plays in current and future ports, will be discussed.

About the speaker:

Mr. Martinez de Ubago Alvarez de Sotomayor has a BSc and MSc in Civil Engineering from the University of Coruña (Spain), where he combined his last academic year as a junior port consultant in MCVALNERA. He later decided to continue his studies with a MSc in Transport, Infrastructure & Logistics at TU Delft (The Netherlands), where he graduated Cum Laude with a thesis, in collaboration with Port of Rotterdam, about the future of Ports under the influence of the Physical Internet, a hot topic in the field of transport and logistics.

After working for the migration arm of the United Nations (the IOM, in Geneva), Manuel joined the STC Group in Rotterdam, where he currently works as a project manager for STC International and STC-NESTRA. Among others, he is involved in transport consulting projects in Asian countries, such as the Mekong area, and also in the development of new training courses, especially in the field of Port Digitalization.