Visit STC International to Chile

From 17 up to and including 21 June 2019, representatives of STC International visited its customers and relations in Chile. During this visit, STC International continued discussions with the municipality of San Antonio.

The discussions were about the set-up of port training activities with stakeholders, according to the “Identification of Needs” study STC International carried-out last year in San Antonio. CFT Estatal San Antonio, the Port of San Antonio and the logistic organization COLSA also attended the meetings.

STC International travelled to Puerto Montt and Port of Chincui. Different stakeholders in the port community discussed the set-up of logistic training possibilities. Oxxean opened a new terminal in the Port of Chincui and hosted the meeting. With CFT Estatal Los Lagos the discussions were started based on the newly signed MoU. ONG Canales also participated in the meetings and discussion.

STC International and several stakeholders had discussions concerning logistics and transport education with the Ministry of Education and with the Ministry of Transport of Chile. This is in line with the plans of the Chilean government on ports and corridors. STC International is proud to be part of these important discussions.