Video online: Webinar SMART Mindshift

On 13 January 2021 the fourth webinar was streamed by STC International focusing on the topic SMART Mindshift.

SMART Mindshift is a new programme developed by the Educational and Innovation Department of the STC Group. Part of the mission of SMART Mindshift is to bring Safety II concepts not only to the learners and trainers within the STC Group but also to associated companies from the private sector. SMART Mindshift is not solely about safety but also addresses efficiency in the workplace and how resilience, systems-thinking and positive psychology play a major role.

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John Hutchins presented to you the concept of SMART Mindshift via a set of three videos followed by a live Q&A. John  is a former Captain with P&O European Ferries and joined STC-Group in 1999. Lead Facilitator, Trainer and Educator; globally, of instructors, trainers and assessors. Co-developer and Auditor of Port and Port Facility Security Plans in the Republic of South Africa in 2004. Senior Lecturer for the Harbour Pilot Training Project in the Republic of South Africa 2006-2012. E-Learning and curriculum developer for numerous projects.

Presently situated in the Innovation and Educational Development sector and co-creator of SMART Mindshift. Workshop leader and developer of curriculum for SMART Mindshift (Safety), in the subjects of Systems Thinking, Resilience and application of Safety II within STC Group as well as externally.

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