STC visits Hugh Baird College Liverpool

STC visits Hugh Baird College Liverpool

In May 2018 STC Group launched a grass root project which was meant to stimulate STC Group staff to come up with innovative ideas to strenhgten the strategy of the STC Group.

One of the ideas selected was based on the opinion that STC Group offered an international learning environment which was mainly focused on the shipping and transport sector outside Europe while markets closer to the home base showed the same need: (Technical) Vocational Education and Training serving the shipping and transport sector.

In the framework of this grassroot project, the project team contacted Hugh Baird College (HBC) in Liverpool. HBC is an education institute focussing on youngsters between 16 and 19 years old and has faculties related to creative industries; engineering business and computing; education and social science.

HBC showed interest to further investigate the local and regional shipping and transport market. Actually, they are envisaging to start a two-year course ‘Port Logistics’ in September 2020; something that is offered by STC Group.

During the meetings held in Liverpool , on 4-5 November 2020, it became clear that HBC is determined to team up with STC International, and thus STC Group, and provide a springboard for youngsters in Liverpool and the region for a career in the shipping and transport sector. Especially at the technical level, this is non-existing in Liverpool and even in the United Kingdom.
For the further assistance to replicate the HBC-model to other career colleges in the UK, it is the Career Colleges Trust that plays a pivoting role.

Why is this interesting for STC International and STC Group?

Although the initiators of the grass root project have chosen a different career path, the STC International has taken over the initiative and bridges the gap between HBC and STC Group.

The strategy of STC Group encompasses five pillars.

  • Life-long Learning;
  • Future-proof Education;
  • Focus on the Labour Market;
  • Expertise and Innovation;
  • World Citizens.

The latter item is the link to the working group ‘World Citizens’ (Voor en Met Wereldburgers) which is part of the Strategic Quality Agenda of STC Group (SKA 2022).
The working group is actively participating in mainly the European network of (T)VET colleges by (not limited to):

  • motivating, guiding and supporting students to do internships abroad,
  • guiding and arranging short internships or study trips for lecturers and instructors,
  • developing and sharing course material in the English language,
  • investigating the possibilities for the exchange of lecturers, instructors and students.

The working group has members from the different Colleges of the STC Group.

For more information, please contact Sander Wubbolts or Laurian Hollander