Port Management Program 2018

STC International, in partnership with Port of Rotterdam Authority, executed the Port Management Program 2018 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands between 15 and 19 October 2018.

Port development and management are confronted with major challenges like adjusting ports’ organization and business environment to rapidly changing market dynamics. Questions like how to plan future port infrastructure, and how to meet a country’s infrastructural and logistical needs without jeopardizing the current port activity, played a significant role in the course.

Port Management Program 2018

These are the challenges which governments, port authorities, and the business community are presently dealing with.
To work in this challenging environment ports do need port professionals at managerial level and higher who have a thorough understanding of the complex dynamics of the port, shipping and transport industry. The PMP gave port professionals from Brazil, Qatar, Oman and the Netherlands the tools to understand the port’s business, and further activated their analytical mind-set needed to tackle these challenges.

The Port Management Program included lectures, guest lectures, field visits, and a unique interactive port simulation game called “Port Constructor”.
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