Training & Education

Training and Education

Education is a key factor for development in all types of industry. Without saying, this goes especially for the maritime and logistic industry. Besides the economic risks involved, environmental and safety issues are a top priority to keep processes going. Whether it is steering a vessel, controlling vessel traffic, handling equipment, or preventing personal injuries, it all comes down to a profound set of knowledge and skills on how processes are running smoothly. Processes on the operational and managerial level are important to get the best result and let employees return home safe at the end of the day.

For the maritime sector, certification is based on an international system of regulations (STCW) to obtain and retain the right set of competencies for each position on board of a vessel.

The ports and terminals and logistics sector does not have a similar qualification system in place. Our highly specialized global team works together to get the best possible education and training in place for these sectors.

With a great experience in supporting knowledge institutes worldwide, we bring education to the doorstep, to set up and handover proved educational systems within a local surrounding.

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