Train the trainer

Training staff on approved and proven didactical skills

Capacity building is a key element for the results of the industries we are active in. Whether this reflects on the maritime, ports and terminals or logistics sector. From pre-vocational to vocational and higher education we support this capacity building on different levels. At all our (related) branch offices, we can support by training staff for the functions available in the field of operation. High volumes and language barriers sometimes create challenges for training all staff by ourselves. In order to meet this high demand or connect with the local staff, a train the trainer programme contributes to overcome these barriers.

It is in our nature to transfer knowledge to the next generation. Staff members that have been in their function for a very long time build up a lot of practical experience. This experience is highly valuable for the day to day operations, but how can it be used for the transfer of knowledge and skills and beyond for new entry workers?

For that, we developed train-the-trainer programmes to support our clients and partners in training their staff on approved, proven didactical and practical processes for knowledge and skills development. Our guidance does not stop there, we monitor and keep track on the process and provide refresher programmes where needed. By doing this, we can support the way forward for a country, region or company without being present at all times.

What we have achieved