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Tomorrow starts today

Being a member of the STC Group has significant advantages. For educational purposes, we can lean on our own innovation centre. This innovation centre thrives on academic and professional input from STC’s employees and students with the drive to shape the future in a sustainable and smart way. It actively takes the right steps ahead. Our new training inland barge, that will be sailing in 2022, is a strong example of in-house innovation to diminish CO2 emissions and to embed future proof methodologies for inland waterway transportation.

However, innovation is not limited to our own institute. Being in the centre of the Maritime Capital of Europe creates strong connections with other institutes and universities in the region. The entrepreneurial atmosphere in the Netherlands and especially in Rotterdam creates synergetic progression. Derived from all these innovations, a strong community of start-ups and incubators are settled in Rotterdam and the region.

For our customers and collaboration partners it means that the innovation and research labs are available to innovate and provide knowledge and skills for the world of tomorrow, taken into consideration the local context of the region we are operating in. As an example, we foresee that virtual and augmented reality will play a significant role in the near future when it comes to training and expertise around the world.

Furthermore, we are part of a global network of relations and presence. We are present in and serving the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America by using the latest evidence-based techniques and methods within the whole of STC Group.

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