Course Development

Every step forward is motivating

Learning is a form of happiness. We see this in the people we educate and train. Every step forward means an increase in motivation for students and ourselves when it comes to self-development.

Our training and education programmes focus on taking steps into the future for the industry involved. Quality according to industry standards, guarantees development of knowledge, skills and proficiency. With our highly experienced lecturers and trainers we serve the industry by increasing the value of their human resources.

Through implementation of the latest insights in our fields of operation we create and co-create courses for and with our customers. Customized course development based on local circumstances provides knowledge, skills and proficiency transfer with the desired result. Specific characteristics of local content and circumstances make it necessary to review the setup of our training and education programmes continuously.

Taking into account different learning styles and local circumstances, flexibility is needed to generate the biggest impact with our activities in the region where we are operating in. We co-create with our customers to ensure that the programmes are accepted and beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Triple Helix Innovation
Through Triple Helix Innovation (Public, Private and Academic/Educational interactions) we provide educational programmes for countries, often with government funding. In the framework of the Triple Helix, our courses include theory lessons, simulators and training on the job . These set ups will assist local human capital development significantly.

What we have achieved