STC Vietnam

In 2004, the STC Group established a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam – providing the latest modern hardware and simulation development software. These simulator platforms were unique in Vietnam. In the office of STC Vietnam, 2D and 3D databases of ports, rivers, all types of ship models and offshore super-infrastructures around the world were modelled. STC Vietnam has now developed thoroughly know-how and capacity in the specialized fields of:

  • Visual Database Development for simulations: including ports, coastlines, rivers, ship models, in the Netherlands, and in other locations around the world. These databases are used for training purposes at STC Group, and its subsidiaries, or in consultancy projects, including technology transfer.
  • Development for the Transport Chain Simulator (TCS ®): that has become one of the most advanced and full mission simulators for the logistic transport chain in the world. All the various functions in the complex transport chain are represented in this simulation system. The simulator platform is designed to replicate the information, communications, document and money flows and movement of goods which relate to the actual transportation system in order to train students in the total transport and logistics process. Students can fulfil up to 14 designated different professions in this simulator system, which is a cyber-world copy of the reality of transport and logistics.
  • Animation video development: STC Vietnam produces 2D and 3D video clips that animate each role in the TCS scenarios, or visualize them, showing the assembly, operation and maintenance of some difficult parts of equipment or machinery, in order to help facilitate students learning. This also plays an important role in the STC Group’s consulting services.

The STC Vietnam Representative’s Office is the bridge between the STC Group and a number of local schools, universities, and enterprises in developing co-operation in training projects, scientific research and technology transfer in the field of logistics, shipping, inland waterways and transport. Specifically, this includes providing education and training for the transport chain and human resources, setting up a high-quality logistics training center, sharing experiences and modern education systems in Vietnam.

STC Vietnam
6th-7th Floor
No. 6 Mai Anh Tuan Street
O Cho Dua Ward, Dong Da District
Ha Noi

T: +84 24 35770987/+84 24 35770986

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