South Africa


In 2012 STC International established its position in South Africa with a unique training Centre in Cape Town in the heart of the port. STC Southern Africa (STC-SA) serves the maritime, ports and logistic sector in the region. Cape Town holds a historic position when it comes to the trade from East to West. The opening of the Suez canal changed that position. The trade flow from Asia to Latin America still passes Cape Town with approximately 8000 ships per month and therefore holds an important strategic position in the country for maritime services. With its coastline of 2.800 km, there is a large demand for maritime and offshore training to support the economic activities of the Blue Economy concept in South Africa.

By providing a large amount of accredited courses for the maritime sector, STC-SA contributes to the success of foreign and near coastal voyages, serving the merchant, passenger, offshore, leisure and fishery industry with training that supports the operations, safety and security on board. Under one roof, the training and courses are provided by a team of experts, varying from nautical to medical skills.

In 2021, STC International expanded In Durban with the long established maritime and offshore training center, the STC-SA Durban Branch.

With this acquisition the coverage of the two most important connections between land and sea in South Africa (Cape Town and Durban) was accomplished. While the focus of the Cape Town campus is on the maritime sector, the Durban campus covers various maritime trainings and the full range of offshore training as well. This makes STC Southern Africa unique and contributes to the sustainable development goals decent work and economic growth as well as quality education.

The quality of the specialists of South Africa is recognized in other parts of the globe, resulting in longstanding projects of academic management and lecturing in maritime academy’s in Oman and Kazakhstan.

Besides the operational trainings, the guidance of the ports and terminals with maritime related studies and trainings such as vessel traffic services, dredging, tug master and pilot training guarantees a fluent process of incoming and outgoing vessels, to optimize port performance.

Terminal processes related to container handling are very important for economic prosperity. Experts from STC S.A. were asked to conduct operational terminal training in the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Namibia, Ghana and Indonesia.

The blue economy can’t exists without proper knowledge and skills of the workforce involved. It’s our duty to facilitate our clients with proper knowledge and skills to keep their business going. From operational to higher management level, we are here to play a key role in the development of economic and social progression in our fields of operation.

STC-SA Cape Town Campus
6 Duncan Road,
Christiaan Barnard Port Entrance
Port of Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa

STC-SA Durban Campus
48 Hannah Road
Congella Durban 4007
South Africa

T: +31 (0)88 318 7600

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