Maritime and logistics have become the key issues for the Indonesian government. One of the prioritized programmes is the ‘sea highway’, to make Indonesia a strong maritime focussed nation. The sea highway is a strategy to improve the connectivity between the Indonesian islands, which deemed to be the key for future economic growth. This strategy plays a vital role in organizing maritime transportation and connecting hub ports from western to eastern Indonesia and vice versa. To achieve this, improvement and intensification of capacity building has a high priority.

Indonesia has always been an important project country for STC for more than 30 years. To further contribute to the growing demand for training, education and consultancy work in line with the government’s focus, STC International has established a representative team in 2017 in Indonesia. This team’s main objective is to further intensify the support of the above-mentioned activities in the maritime, port & terminal and transport & logistics sector.

The team focusses on training on both operational level (all port equipment, terminal planning, terminal operations, dangerous goods and port safety) and management level (e.g. container management, port finance & economics, port development & logistics, warehouse management).

Projects are conducted in the field of education on both vocational, higher vocational and university level concerning teacher development and curricula development. In line with this, consultancy work is provided on both education and training. Furthermore, also market studies in port and logistics are executed.

Hence, STC International provides services for the total maritime supply chain in Indonesia and thereby contributes to the strategic goals of Indonesia in this field of operation.

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