Representatives STC International in Bogota

STC International is a founding member of the Colombian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce “Holland House Colombia”. One of the services of Holland House Colombia is to provide specialised staff to affiliated Dutch companies in order to assist them in their business development in Colombia and the region.
With two representatives based in Bogota, Colombia, STC International has a permanent position to support the connection between Colombia and the Netherlands.

Port, Transport and Logistics Centre of Excellence (“Cedex”)

The growth of the port sector in Colombia and especially in the Caribbean, due to its strategic position, creates a great challenge in terms of training and educating people and specialize them on different levels of operation, supervision and management. The human resource component is crucial to the success of the port, transport and logistic sector in the region.

For that reason Universidad del Norte (UniNorte) and STC International joined forces. The cooperation for the development and implementation of a Port, Transport and Logistics Centre of Excellence (“Cedex”) became official in 2014. Cedex contributes to the improvement of the operational efficiency and competitiveness of the national transportation and logistics system in Colombia and the Caribbean region.

The mission of Cedex is the formation of people at operational, supervisory, management and higher management level. The contribution to the harmonious development of society by providing a qualified workforce is a key element in the progression of the economic and social development. A strong connection with Dutch and Colombian initiatives underlines the long term commitment established in Cedex.

Cedex provides opportunities of growth through educational programs and technical assistance with competent subject matter experts from both Colombia and the Netherlands, with vast working experience in the port, transport and logistics sector.

These programs provided by Cedex are intended for the relevant workforce in private and public organizations involved in activities related to supply chain management, port operation, transport planning, infrastructure development, freight brokers, freight forwarders, transhipment, warehousing, customs etc.

To enhance the strategic position of the regional activities, personnel is provided with the necessary skills and competences to excel in the leadership of logistics related enterprises.

Established in Barranquilla, Colombia, Cedex is strategically located in the region to provide services for the whole Latin American region.
We are proud to contribute to the way forward to provide quality education and support decent work and economic growth.

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