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Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR) comprises Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay as Member States, and ranks as the world’s 5th largest GDP (2019). Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and possesses a large network of ports, river ways and hinterland connections. The five sovereign members of Mercosur countries are connected by the Paraná-Paraguay river way, the largest river way in the America´s.

This strategic economic position in the region holds numerous possibilities in relation to the port, transport and logistic sectors.
Since 2011, STC International holds a Representative Office in Brazil, from where commercial activities in the region are conducted. The office performs project management in the acquired contracts and provides support to other STC International activities in Latin America.

A large portfolio of clients in the region, including companies and government agencies from diverse transport and logistics related sectors, from port authorities and terminals to ship-owners and ministries have found their way to STC International.

Not only standard programs are provided to increase knowledge and skills. Through consultative discussions tailor-made support on relevant challenges, joint ventures and MOU’s the way forward for our clients is encouraged. A few examples:

In relation to the services of the ports and terminal sectors, training and assessments regarding port and terminal management (including a MBA program), logistics management, and education system are conducted to stimulate capacity building.

The maritime sector improves their knowledge and skills through river way assessments, maritime and pilot training and simulator development assistance.

In general, educational institutes benefit from the support of STC International by embedding proven concepts from the Port of Rotterdam into the region.

Joint ventures and memoranda of understanding to provide joint provision of services in the field of consultancy, applied research and port development completes the long term cooperation’s STC International has in the aforementioned region. We are proud to contribute to the way forward to provide quality education and support decent work and economic growth.

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