NEWS RELEASE MCA coöperatie U.A formally established

On the 8th of July 2021, the MCA coöperatie U.A was formally established by its Founding Members N-Sea, TOS, Verbrugge Zeeland Terminals, STC Training & Consultancy (part of the STC Group) en Van der Vlist.

The MCA is a civil-military partnership that operates worldwide, innovates in a unique way, and shares in reciprocal manner personnel, equipment, knowledge/skills in a transparent, effective, and efficient way to find solutions for issues that contribute to the social resilience and safety of the Netherlands. the Kingdom and its allies. The MCA consists of Founding Members, Partners, and Associates. The cooperation is based in Dordrecht.


The MCA was created in 2018 in the context of the development of the Adaptive Armed Forces. ‘From defensive to adaptive’ has been an important motto for Defence wide since 2017.

The development of the Maritime Capacity Alliance responds to geopolitical developments and the strategic task (Staying Safe, Bringing Security, Connecting Safely) of Defence with the business community, social organizations, knowledge institutes, and national partners.

Since 2018, Defense has carried out various pilots in the field of strategic sea transport, training, knowledge sharing, and innovation together with the founding members and partners of the MCA. It was investigated where they can reinforce each other and how personnel, resources, and knowledge/skills can be deployed on a reciprocal basis. The pilots went so positively that it was decided to establish, further strengthen and expand the service portfolio of the MCA.

In 2020, the MCA was deployed operationally for the recovery of the NH90 helicopter near Aruba.


As chain partners we work together transparently, we build trust together, we innovate, we adapt processes to each other, we plan together, we learn, we have extra, and each other’s capabilities, and we improve our availability level and operating result and we grow as an individual partner and as an agile and future-proof alliance.

The results of the collaboration are so positive for all chain partners that the partnership will be expanded with several partners.

Interest or participation

Are you interested or do you want to know more, you can visit our website ( or please contact:

Mr. Arno van Poppel (chairman MCA)
Mobile: +31(0)6-83639257

You are also welcome (by appointment) at our office:

Wilgenbos 2 (fourth floor)
3311 JX Dordrecht
The Netherlands