New training: Hydrogen technology

Specialized training in energy efficiency and hydrogen technology

Societies want to become less dependent on fossil fuels and the energy transition is therefore in full swing. It is to be expected that hydrogen will be the backbone of a future energy system.

Sustainable or ‘green’ hydrogen can be used for storing and transporting green energy. But hydrogen is also an important building block in the chemical industry and can be used for combustion. To gain more insight into the background and the current and new applications of hydrogen, STC offers a new training: Hydrogen Technology. The aim of this course is to give the participants a general understanding of the application of hydrogen. 

Some of the topics covered during this training are:

  • The energy transition
  • Pro’s and con’s of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen projects

Experienced lecturers with a background and/or active participation in the aforementioned topics, will discuss practical examples and address the associated social implications.

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