STC International can make an essential contribution to training people in Latin America

Silvina Pereira Marques

Area Manager for Latin America

In conversation with Silvina Pereira Marques, Area Manager for Latin America at STC International. Silvina, originally from Argentina, elaborates on STC’s successful partnerships in the region of Latin America.

We value our longstanding partnerships in Latin America

‘Our presence in Brazil, Colombia, and Chile, among other countries, has led to long-term partnerships with educational institutions, terminal operators, and government agencies. This stable basis leads to intensive cooperation which means that STC International can make an essential contribution to training people in Latin America. In this way, we improve the investment climate and therefore contribute to sustainable local growth. We value our longstanding partnerships in this region.’

With training and consultancy, we contribute to a positive investment climate and sustainable local growth.

Silvina, who lives in Rotterdam, regularly travels to Latin America where she works on the development of educational, international cooperation’s. ‘Back when Colombia had just been classified as a country with an economy in transition, we founded the Port, Transport and Logistics Centre of Excellence CEDEX – a large training institute. This was done with support from the Dutch government and in cooperation with Universidad del Norte.

Next to that we also have an international cooperation with the Colombian National Training Service (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje – SENA). SENA is a large, secondary vocational education level school, where we have been offering training and education relating to maritime transport and logistics, as well as ports and terminals for many years. In six years, the training programme has produced over 500 alumni: graduated instructors who train people in the region. Those people can, in turn, train their local employees; that’s how we can make a real difference in people’s lives and we’re very proud of that.’

It is great to see that we can really make a difference in people’s lives through our education, training, and consultancy.

STC International also works together with a number of organisations in Chile. For example, we have an international cooperation agreement with Chile’s Ministry of Education. ‘Every year, many Chileans receive a scholarship to attend our training programme – which encompasses both theoretical and practical education – at the Port of Rotterdam. It’s wonderful that they can gain knowledge here in the Netherlands and then share it in their own country.’

In Brazil, STC International works with the Erasmus University (UPT) to provide a long-term inland navigation training programme for SENAT, the country’s National Transport Learning Service. The programme stems from a need to provide professional development for workers in the sector. SENAT offers a substantial contribution to the development of Brazil’s transport sector.

Beside our governmental and educational partnerships, we also have an important cooperation with one of the most important terminal operators in Latin America. ‘Cartagena Container Terminal Operator’ (SPRC-CONTEAR) is a major operator in Colombia and beyond. We have been working together for a long time to provide various training and educational courses to instruct their employees and to ensure their knowledge remains up to date. We even helped them set up their own training centre.’

We have loyal customers thanks to our local presence and knowledge of the region, combined with a wide range of training and educational courses as well as consultancy services.

Silvina mainly operates from the Netherlands and is supported in Latin America by a local team of STC International agents in Brazil and Colombia. With our local presence, knowledge of and understanding of the region, we know as no other what happens and we can adjust our training and educational programs to the specific local circumstances.

‘Our customers have confidence in our expertise and know that we stand for quality and long-term partnerships.’

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