General Manager Tammo van der Wal: “I am proud to contribute to such great projects in Oman”  

STC International provides and transfers first class maritime and logistics knowledge to people, institutions, and companies worldwide. Expert and General Manager Tammo van der Wal works at ITC (International Training Center), a STC International subsidiary in Oman. He talks about recent projects within the area that are enhancing skills and creating competencies, that are needed to professionalize and increase the industry labor force in the maritime and logistics sector. 

Tammo: “I started this adventure 10 years ago, thinking I would stay for a short term. But here I am, still providing companies with knowledge on logistics and in training. In my role I am involved from sales to supervising great projects. 

Improving quality is our expertise
 “We offer maritime and logistics training, education and consultancy. Mostly for ports, shipping companies, coast guards or the navy.” Tammo continues. “For example, we are now working on a project for the national Coast Guard. We provide officers with maritime and logistics training and take them to the next level of professionalism. Our training and consultancy meet the specialized needs of the industries in Oman and the Gulf region.” 

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Training 100 Electrical Technical Officers
ITC holds a special position between commercial parties in the industry and governmental institutions. “Take one of recent projects, which is an initiative of the Oman Government and a partnership with the Asyad Shipping Company. Within two years, we train, assess, examine, and certify 100 young Omani graduates from diverse Electrical Studies in Oman, into Electrical Technical Officers to strengthen the fleet. In this way, the need for expats from outside of Oman is reduced, while jobs are created for young professionals in Oman. I am tremendously proud to contribute to a project of such great proportions.”  

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Every great opportunity comes with challenges. “One of the greatest challenges is finding trainers with good expertise. There are not enough maritime and logistics experts within Oman. Meaning expertise needs to come from outside of Oman. Hiring and housing trainers is a lenghty process, with a lot of logistics and administration complexity. We need to do so for each trainer. Yes, it’s a challenging job.” 

Still learning every day
Despite the challenges and complexity of matters, Tammo states to enjoy his current role in Oman very much. “I learned a lot about setting up/organizing training possibilities and I am still learning. STC possesses unique equipment, which has put me in the position to get specialized in logistics simulator training. Think of platforms where you can imitate logistics processes. What if a truck arrives late or there are fewer good delivered? We have colleagues all over the world and there’s always great contact with the headquarters in Rotterdam. We exchange knowledge with each other on a worldwide scale.”