First virtual seminars executed with SENA (Colombia)

From July 13th to 31th, the first virtual seminars on challenges and perspectives of Transportation and Logistics were held for instructors and members of the SENA sector table. These three seminars focused on the following topics:

  • Strategic decisions: Subcontracting in Transport and Logistics in an environment of constant change and challenge,
  • Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy,
  • Digital transformation in Transport and Logistics processes.

First virtual seminars executed with SENA

Regardless of the current situation caused by COVID-19, the long lasting cooperation between STC International and SENA has enabled the partners to organise these virtual activities successfully . The STC International Chilean expert, Paulo Solar, had the opportunity to give these seminars in real time with active participation of the attendees.

The sessions have been executed without any inconveniences taking advantage of the tools that digital platforms offer today. Participants were even able to carry out group activities, discussions with the expert and share their questions and comments in a plenary session.

Finally, a virtual ceremony has been organized in order to grant certificates to the instructors whom successfully participated in the seminars. During this event, some of the participants gave their impressions of the course and the importance of this type of training for instructors and apprentices of SENA in Colombia.

To learn more about the seminars, please check this Twitter post of SENA to view some testimonials.