First Online Courses almost live

We are proud to announce that our 24/7 digital learning environment is almost ready. As of 15 January 2021 our first online courses for the Maritime & Offshore sector, Transport and Logistics and Operational Training for ports and terminals will go live on our website.

First Online Courses almost live

Online courses
With our online courses we support you with transfer of knowledge and skills for your professional and personal development. You can decide to enhance your knowledge and skills at your own pace, as part of your job or as a step forward in your career. A deeper understanding of your workflow will help you to comprehend operations better and decision making will become easier. You will work safer and more efficient and it generates confidence and reliability for you and your co-workers. How high do you set the bar for your future? Start your online learning journey with us.

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Try-out period
In the past months platforms have been tested and selected, models have been adjusted to align them with the digital requirements for our courses and trainings. As one of our external testers described:

“With these online courses I am able to keep developing the right set of skills for my professional job to work independently and collaboratively in the diverse and rapidly changing maritime and logistics sectors. By taking a practical approach and by getting access to latest innovative concepts and practices, the courses allow me to keep developing my professional expertise.”