First activity of the derivative agreement between STC and SENA in Barranquilla Colombia

From July 28th to August 3rd, the first activity of the first derivate agreement between STC and SENA was carried out in the city of Barranquilla. This agreement was signed during the visit of the Dutch Prime Minister to Colombia in November of 2018.

The activity consisted in a ‘Train the Trainer program in port operations (Reach Stacker) provided to 6 SENA instructors from different areas of Colombia. The training compromised conceptual/theoretical elements and a practical part with the Reach Stacker equipment. The participants drove, handled and manipulated the Reach Stacker with the guidance of a STC International expert.

The next activity of the agreement will be carried out in Cartagena during the second week of September 2019: “Port Development and Regionalization program”.