Warehouse Operations Management

  • Inventory and distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Supply chain management

Warehouses are playing an increasing important role in supply chains. The role of a warehouse can be for distribution, storage and/or demand/supply fluctuations. Due to the increase of e-commerce and the increased number of items which are being ordered online, more and more warehouses are being constructed. Within a warehouse, several activities take place such as receiving, put-away, storage, order picking, packaging and pricing and shipping. These items will be discussed in more detail in this course.

A professionally organized and operated warehouse is a vital element in just in time delivery, and last mile delivery for e-commerce. Warehouses have a hub function and/or buffer function in the chain. Processes further down the line can only be effective and efficient if a warehouse is operating to its full potential. In particular, the e-commerce industry has high demands and can only function with state-of-the-art warehouses including goods returned (reverse logistics).

A warehouse must be reliable and efficient to be profitable as well. How do you manage these processes? How do you forecast the required stock-keeping capacity? How do you manage your inventory? As in many processes, IT is a vital tool supporting warehouse operations. Automation minimizes the chances of errors and keeps track of all the flows, which is a crucial factor of success. A warehouse is evolved from a “simple” storage place to a key element in the flow of goods. Mistakes are easily made, and avoidance strengthens the position in the total chain.

Therefore, it is also important to identify processes which go well, but especially processes which can be improved upon. Investing 30 hours of your time will gain success in your field of operation. We deliver the certificate to prove that.

Target Group
The course is specially designed for people and prospective managers working or interested in the maritime, ports, transport and logistics sector:

  • (Young) Professionals
  • Finance, IT, paralegals, not engaged in the day to day operations
  • (Junior) Managers
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Project managers

The course is suitable for middle management/higher management and given on a Bachelor to a Master level.

The course will be provided in the English language.

In short

30 hours of self-study
The enrolment to the course will be valid for 12 months. Participants can log in 24/7 and can follow the course at their own pace. Furthermore, participants get two opportunities to take the final exam.
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