Port Economics

  • Economics, port environment
  • Port users and providers, coherence
  • Cost, pricing, efficiency, effectiveness
  • Policies, Smart Ports, Human capital

Port services can only occur when port users and providers accept doing business. The objective is to provide efficient and effective port services given limited resources, while obtaining maximum client satisfaction.

But how do port actors make their choices? When do they accept doing business? The key to answering these questions is understanding the main drivers and the economic way of thinking of the main port actors.

This course provides participants with insights and knowledge in the role, functioning, operations, developments, decision-making and sustainable policymaking in relation to ports and terminals of now and of the future.

Course objectives
After finishing the course, you will have enhanced your knowledge of the sectors, be aware of current debates in the industries and you will be able to see and discuss the connections between the sectors. You will be equipped to identify opportunities for your business.

Course Modules
The online course consist of eight (8) modules:

  1. Introduction to port economics
  2. Port environment
  3. Port service users and providers
  4. Port costs and pricing
  5. Port efficiency
  6. Port effectiveness
  7. Port policies
  8. Smart ports and human capital

The first Module provides an introduction to the course and its importance for doing business in the port sector.
In Module 2 the factors that affect the port environment, the port typologies and port actors as well as their inter-linkages are discussed.
Module 3 of the programme focusses on the main port services offered and the characteristics and interests of the main port services users and providers, and is concluded with the economic concepts of supply and demand linked to the port sector and the impacts of the latest sector developments on the port prices and port services.
Module 4 continues by presenting an overview of the port and transport costs and prices on the short- and long-run. It also discusses how companies develop their pricing strategies.
Modules 5 and 6 focus on port efficiency and effectiveness: the importance of these terms for the sustainability of companies in the port sector, how to achieve technical and cost-efficiency, how to carry out port performance evaluations and be able to estimate the impacts of specific developments on port traffic forecasting.
Module 7 deals with policy development, implementation and drivers. Special attention is paid to sustainability related to ports and port policies.
The last Module is about the most recent developments around smart ports and what this means for the human capital.

Target Group
The course is designed for professionals and (future) managers working in or interested in the sector Maritime & Offshore and Transport & Logistics.

Maybe you identify yourself with one of the following target groups:

  • (Young) professionals;
  • Paralegals, not engaged in the day to day operations;
  • (Junior) managers;
  • Team leaders;
  • Project managers.

The course is suitable for middle management.

The online course is available in the English language.

In short

30 hours of self-study
The registration will be valid for a period of 12 calendar months. After registration participants can log in 24/7 and do the course at their own pace. The course is concluded with a multiple-choice test. Upon successful completion of the test (score of 70% and higher) the participant will be rewarded with a certificate. The certificate is automatically generated and send by e-mail; ready to use for example in the participant’s CV. Note: all participants have two chances to pass the test successfully only.
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