Last Mile Delivery Management

  • Last mile delivery management
  • Urban freight distribution
  • Current debates, policies and trends

Last mile deliveries are the most inefficient and complex part of the supply chain. There are indications that on average as much as 28% of the transport costs can be related to the last mile delivery or first mile pickup. With the increasing trend of e-commerce and the impacts this development has on urban areas, more attention is now given on how to optimize this part of the chain. Optimization is needed to overcome the economic, social and environmental challenges that stakeholders have to deal with. But where and how to start?

The Last Mile Delivery Management course gives a clear understanding of the complexity behind last mile delivery systems and provides practical cases on how to overcome current and future obstacles.

Buying processes at the level of the consumer have been shifted due to the possibilities the World-wide Web has provided. Mail order companies have been modified to e-commerce companies. The amount of buying products online is growing at a very rapid pace. This has huge impact on the distribution into urban and suburban areas. Management of these e-commerce companies, transport companies and parcel delivery services must take notice of the effects of the last mile delivery. Interconnection of buyers, suppliers and modalities is important to reduce cost and environmental impact (CO2 emission).

What policy can be put in place to reduce these impacts? How can data collection support the reduction of cost and environmental impact? What would be your best strategy to implement concepts related to the last mile delivery? Our way of shopping will not return to a 100 % offline business model. How will you be ready for the future? We will take you on a journey of 24 hours. Please be home when we ring the bell to deliver your certificate.

Target Group
The course is specially designed for people and prospective managers working or interested in the maritime, ports, transport and logistics sector:

  • (Young) Professionals
  • Finance, IT, paralegals, not engaged in the day to day operations
  • (Junior) Managers
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Project managers

The course is suitable for middle management/higher management and given on a Bachelor to a Master level.

The course will be provided in the English language.

In short

24 hours of self-study.
€ 525,-
The enrolment to the course will be valid for 12 months. Participants can log in 24/7 and can follow the course at their own pace. Furthermore, participants get two opportunities to take the final exam.
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