Introduction to Port Security

  • Security levels
  • Assessments and contingency plans
  • ISPS

Piracy, armed attacks, cargo theft shore-side and seaside have occurred in the past and still continue today, on an all too frequent basis. The issue of security is a topic of great concern. For some time now, administrations world-wide have been addressing this problem and have been busy developing plans and actions for early implementation. In many areas of the world, the standard of security has already risen significantly.

For some seafarers and port facility personnel, security incidents may seem to originate in remote corners of the globe and appear distant or irrelevant. On the other hand by having a controlled environment, the security risks are manageable and keep secure ports secure.

The issue of security must be addressed and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in conjunction with many other world-wide organizations is taking action.

This course intends to give insight into national and international application of the new security regime with regard to transport security. The implementation of ISPS Code will be used as a starting point to begin addressing global application of the new measures of both sea-side and shore-side cargo concerns.

For example, what roles and responsibilities are in place, how to exchange the right information related to the security levels and what precaution can and must be taken to prevent a security threat.

How do you asses your current security status? How to create and monitor a plan to keep a controllable security level? This is important to protect people working in and around the port, vessels and the vessel owners.

The course focuses on practical application of the new security measures and an understanding of the various regulations, directives, and trade requirements with regard to transport security.

Target group

The course is specially designed for people and prospective managers working or interested in the maritime, ports, transport, and logistics sector:

  • (Young) Professionals
  • Finance, IT, paralegals, not engaged in the day to day operations
  • (Junior) Managers
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Project managers


The course is suitable for middle management and given on a Bachelor level.

The course will be provided in the English language.

In short

8 hours of self study
The enrollment to the course will be valid for 12 months. Participants can log in 24/7 and can follow the course at their own pace. Furthermore, participants get two opportunities to take the final exam.
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