Health & Safety in Port & Terminal Operations

  • Regulations
  • Safe practice
  • Behavior

Ports have been categorized as one of the highest risk sectors to work in. This is due to the many safety hazards workers face on a daily basis. The main health risks are caused when moving loading vehicles, unloading and loading cargo. These health and safety risks may be reduced if workers are constantly reminded and are aware of the many hazards that they face.

This short course of 6 hours will focus on the various health and safety risks workers are facing.

Port and terminal workers can be exposed to more health and safety risks than strictly related to the function they have. The surrounding can be hazardous.

With this course we look at the broader aspects of these risks in order to diminish the chances of accidents and keep workers available for the processes hired for.

Target group
The program is specially designed for any person working in the port or crossing the port premises for any reason, especially:

  • Port workers (experienced or not)
  • Port authority and Government officials
  • Those with professional degree with the need to gain specific knowledge in health and safety fields

The course is suitable for operational staff members and or officials and given on a vocational level.

The course will be provided initially in the English language.

In short

6 hours of self-study.
€ 150,-
The enrolment to the course will be valid for 12 months. Participants can log in 24/7 and can follow the course at their own pace. Furthermore, participants get two opportunities to take the final exam.
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