Closure Nuffic funded TMT+ Project Suriname

In November 2022, STC International and CINOP have received  a delegation from Stichting Logistiek Onderwijs (SLO),  a Surinamese foundation for logistics education, as the closing part of our Nuffic Tailor-made Training Plus (TMT+) project “Supporting Suriname legal, economic and social development by means of strengthening maritime and transport education and the relationship with the private sector“.

During this project we have carried out 7 training programs and a technical visit to the maritime and port sector in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. All activities have been related to the development of SLO´s staff , from train-the- trainers skills to the improvement of the organisation´s relation with the labour market and business. Also some content courses were aimed at supporting SLO to develop new capabitilites and offer more training and educational products to the Surinamese market and society. The following courses have been executed:

  1. International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Model Course 6.09 (2021),
  2. International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Model Course 3.12,
  3. Company Security Officer. (CSO),
  4. International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG),
  5. Transport of dangerous goods for ship agents, operational manager,
  6. Strengthen the relationship with the private sector,
  7. Entrepreneurial skills.

A short testmonial of our counterpart: “The management of SMI/SLO is highly satisfied regarding the skills and knowledge the graduates obtained during this project. Each of the trainings offered during the project contribute to development of a well-rounded teaching professional. However, as a maritime institute, we are especially thankful that the graduates were able to participate in the various transport and maritime training programs”

The Orange Knowledge Programme is a € 220 m Dutch global development programme, available in 54 developing countries and managed by Nuffic, a Dutch non-profit organisation for internationalisation in education. Launched mid-2017, it aims to have provided tens of thousands with the possibility to change their future through education and training by mid-2022. The programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.