Transferring knowledge on Digitalization & Automatization in online courses

Project information

Goal: To provide participants the opportunity to rapidly develop their capacity and knowledge on the main aspects of current port digitization and automation.

Location: Latin America

Duration: December 2020


Training & Education

Port of the future

“Smart ports are the only ports that will survive.” It is not a question of whether ports will become smart or not, but when.” In an era of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action.

The purpose Digitalization & Automatization online courses is to provide participants, within the possibilities of a short program, a complete and realistic image of Smart Ports. Including conceptual frameworks that detail the evolution of a port towards the Smart Port.

The importance of port automation

To reduce the impact of port costs on the competitiveness of Colombian products in international markets and national consumer prices, taking advantage of changes in port and transportation technology such as automation gets the best possible use of each port.

The foregoing, taking into account the fundamental role that ports play in maintaining the pace of market economies and the supply of critical products has never been more evident than in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating opportunities

Updating the port policy will not only focus on the responsibilities of the state in relation to planning, investment, technical and economic regulation and port institutionalization activities but also in those related to adapting ports to the new normality where issues such as health preservation, digitization and identification of changes in trade flow patterns, allow the sector to build a joint future vision of the Colombian port system as part of the national transport and logistics system and with the objectives to be more efficient, safe, sustainable and competitive for the productive and tourist sector.

Strategic importance

Digitizing is of strategic importance, and educating people contributes to that. Our courses consists out of interactive online presentations and group sessions. Increasing participants knowledge within a few hours.

The execution of the short courses are very important contribution for the public and private sector in their initiatives and ambitions to identify challenges and opportunities to strengthen the Colombian port sector. It will strengthen cooperation between institutions and their respective countries, also creating opportunities for Dutch organizations active in the digitalization and port automation sectors, offering intelligent solutions to the Colombian challenges.

Outcome and impact

Better understanding of the need for organizational changes in the port community as a whole and as an entity.

How will automation influence the port community and the port authority?

What requirements will the port community demand of the (port) authorities such as Customs, Immigration, Veterinary and quality of services

Based on the above, participants got the opportunity to explore the following questions:

  • What are the new skills needed in the port?
  • What organizational skills and competencies will be important in the near future?
  • How automation will influence public and private parties?
  • How organizations should communicate in order to achieve their goals?

Our courses contribute to:

  • SDG 08 Decent work & Economic growth
  • SDG 09 Industry innovation and infrastructure

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