Establishment Port Training Centre, Indonesia

Project information

Goal: Port Training Centre

Location: Indonesia

Duration: October 2016 – December 2019


ConsultancyInnovation & ResearchTraining & Education

International standards

To conform port personnel in Indonesia to international standards and best practices, STC International and PT Pendidikan Maritim dan Logistik Indonesia (PT PMLI, training centre of port authority Pelindo II) cooperate in the establishment of a Port Training Centre (PTC) on Operational level in Bogor, Indonesia.

The activities under the scope of this project consists of:

  • Train-the-Trainer Equipment and Non-Equipment port and terminal
    Important component within the scope of this project is the training of local trainers. This is done for equipment such as the MHC, GLC and JIB crane, reach stacker, empty container handler, forklift (small and big) and terminal truck. Part of this is a didactical training, operational training, curricula development and pilot execution of the developed training. Regarding non-equipment, a similar process is followed focussing on terminal operations and planning.
  • Management Assistance
    Next to the training of new trainers, the project also focusses on the assistance of the management of PT PMLI in setting up and establishing management-, training- and operational training structures in order to start the training activities for port operational functions and port workers in Indonesia. This includes management and organisation of the PTC, implementation of operational procedures and marketing & sales assistance. The management assistance is about the exchange of best practises between STC International and PT PMLI to reinforce the knowledge needs for the execution of the project, thereby enabling the local stakeholders to apply these needs to local circumstances.


What we have achieved