Electrical Technical Officer program in Oman (STCW A-III/6)

Oman Shipping Company, an Asyad subsidiary, approached IMCO Training Company (ITC), an STC International subsidiary with the request to train, assess, examine and certify young Omani graduates from diverse “Electrical Studies” in Oman into Electrical Technical Officers to join the fleet of Oman Shipping Company (OSC) in Muscat, Oman.

Electro-Technical Officers (ETO’s) are on board to maintain and repair any systems with an electronic element. This can range from complex engine room control systems to radars and electronic chart systems on the bridge.

In line with the requirements of the Directorate General Maritime Affairs in Oman the technical and financial proposition of ITC in cooperation with the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) was approved. The training approach, organization and detailed training modules (including workflow) gave confidence that the program contributes to the goals of OSC.

The strong cooperation between parties and flexibility shown by ITC, IMCO trainers and OSC project management are considered to be a strong chain for the projected outcome. Regardless the many challenges like COVID restrictions, planning and administrative complexity, ITC & involved parties keep focus on the importance of the training program for Oman Shipping Company.


With confidence ITC will deliver 100 STCW A-III/6 certified ETO’s who can professionally operate on board of the ships of Oman Shipping Company.


The implementation of the training program has and will have a positive impact by offering young Omani graduates a promising maritime career to strengthen the fleet of OSC. Contribution is made to the strengthening of the OSC fleet and the position of Oman as a maritime nation.

Impact has been realized in relation to the United Nations Strategic Development Goals (SDG)

  • SDG 04 – Quality education and Training
  • SDG 08 – Decent work and economic growth


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