Apply for MENA Scholarship Programme now

The call for applying for the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP) is now open. Please apply by Tuesday 22 March 16:00 CET the latest through this link:

About the course offer
Within the framework of the MENA Scholarship Programme (MSP), STC International together with the Port of Rotterdam offers the Port Management Programme . For more more information about the content and set up of course programme, please visit the course page.

About MENA Scholarshop Programme (MSP)
The MENA Scholarship Programme aims to build bridges through knowledge by offering opportunities for capacity building within organisations in the Middle East and North Africa. The programme is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of the Shiraka programme and managed by Nuffic. Through this scholarship a limited selection of working professionals between 20-45 years can follow a fully-funded short course study programme in the Netherlands.

You may be eligible for an MSP scholarship if you under the age of 45 years, and are living and working in:

Based on the content of our course offer (the Port Management Programme) candidates from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Oman will have the best match regarding the thematic focus (priority areas) for those countries within the MSP framework.

Please note that applying for the MENA Scholarship Programme will not guarantee that the scholarship will be granted. The MSP is a very competitive scholarship. Only a small number of the best candidates receive a scholarship. The available scholarships are equally distributed across the participating countries, taking into account the available budget and the quality of the applications. 50% of all scholarships per country are reserved for female applicants.