Agent Daniel Breda “I feel my work contributes to the local development and the lives of people living in the Mercosur area”  

STC International provides and transfers first class maritime and logistics knowledge to people, institutions, and companies worldwide. Our expert Daniel Breda is based in Brazil and works mainly for projects in the Mercosur area and provides support for the remaining countries of Latin America. How are they strengthening the maritime and logistics industry in the area?

Daniel: “It makes me proud when I see that projects help people to achieve a better performance, expand their horizons and move forward in their careers.” Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and possesses a large network of ports, Inland waterways and hinterland connections. Its strategic economic position in the region holds numerous possibilities in relation to the port, transport and logistic sectors.

Education and training

Daniel tells he is a real connector and has been involved in the acquisition of various projects, manages them, and maintains relationships with partners. “My work is to promote STC International in the region, acquire clients and manage projects with support of the total team.

For example, we have a major role within the Orange Knowledge Program (OKP), and Taylor Made Training Plus (OKP TMT+). This involves Dutch subsides. In relation to this, I have contributed on a program in Suriname. This involved legal, economic and social development to strengthen the maritime and transport education. On another project, in Brazil, we work on the International Certification of Inland Waterway Transport Management and Multimodal Integration in the country (ITL/SENAT). This will help to make better use of the (natural) infrastructure and improve logistic performances.

A high-end project with knowledge and technology impact

Daniel feels very proud of all the projects he’s working on. He mentions the development the Transpetro Academy, in particular as an impactful project. “Transpetro is the transport and logistics subsidiary of Petrobras, the largest oil company in Brazil. The project involved the transfer of knowledge (didactical skills) for experienced staff to become instructors in their field. Course development is a part of this training that creates independency with a high standard. Simulation is one of the key drivers for (practical) training at STC. The knowledge and experience on this topic was used for the Transpetro academy to obtain and make the best use of the new simulator parc. A high-end project with knowledge and technology transfer to Brazil.”

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“The output of ports and terminals in Brazil vary, not all ports and terminals have productivity and quality of work aligned. Having over 40 organized ports, the country lacks better and broadly offered specialized education, both on management and technical level. The existing facilities on all ports could be used more effective and efficient with the right skillset involved. As an example, with over 7.500 km of coastline, short sea shipping and large navigable inland waterways, there are many chances to avoid dependency on road transport. Bureaucracy and regulations do require a lot of patience to achieve your goals.

Pivot for international cooperation

Despite of the much needed patience, Daniel enjoys being the pivot for international cooperation between Latin America and the Netherlands. “I feel my work contributes to the local development and changes the lives of people. STC is an organization with passionate people, as is the case for the transport and maritime industry. I share that excitement! Being at distance comes with its challenges, but modern communication tools make it possible to have great contact with my colleagues.”