Academic Business Event in Colombia

Last October 10th, STC International carried out an Academic-Business event for SENA students and the Transport & Logistics Dutch network in Colombia.

During the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn more in detail about the inter-institutional cooperation between STC International and SENA. Likewise, the activities executed through the first agreement derived in the year 2019 were explained one by one.

In this frame there was also a panel discussion where we had the participation of Silvina Pereira Marques (STC International), Héctor Iván Hurtatis (SENA) and Juan Alberto Caicedo (Ministry of Transport). The central theme of the panel discussion was ‘the impact of education and training in the transport and logistics sector in Latin America’.

Academic Business Event in Colombia

At the end of the event, SENA students had the opportunity to interact with the Dutch network in Colombia. The Colombian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Holland House) contributed to the event with the invitation of a selection of the Dutch companies in the transport and logistics sector in Colombia. Important stakeholders and trade organizations such as ANDI, ANALDEX and different universities in the country also participated in this network event.